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Information in Formation

Data Cell II arms the warfighter with crucial battery status information. Accurate State of Charge (SoC) and State of Health (SoH) instills confidence in vehicle capabilities and informs power management decisions.

Intelligent power use reduces SWAP (Size, Weight and Power) by producing more usable power from existing assets. It also reduces fuel use, extends battery life, and improves battery performance. Data Cell II is COTS (Commercial of the Shelf), GOTS (Government off the Shelf), and Non-developmental.


Data Cell II informs operators:


When it is necessary to start the vehicle engine or externally charge battery banks.


Eliminate unnecessary idling and drastically reduce fuel consumption.


When it is time to shut down a load and when a load can borrow power from another battery bank.


If vehicle batteries are charged and ready to enter theatre.


When batteries are at their true end-of-life.

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