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Power To The Tower

Fuel cell generators provide dependable power for telecom operators during an unexpected outage. Merlin’s fuel cell generators provide reliable power to cell phone towers off the main grid. Solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) not only burn cleaner than conventional gas generators, but also run silently. They supply standby power for telecommunications and cellular networks during outages, emergencies, and natural disasters.


Merlin’s Fuel Cell Solutions Feature:


Advanced solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs).
Providing higher efficiency over diesel
generators, SOFCs save fuel costs. For
example, a SOFC will consume a fraction
of the fuel per kW generated than a diesel


Cleaner emissions. Fuel cells combine
fuel and oxygen in an electrochemical
reaction that generates electricity.
Emissions consist of water vapor and
carbon dioxide only, eliminating the
noxious NOx and SOx byproducts of
standard gas generators


Modular Scalable and Integrated by Design.
Merlin’s products are designed to scale as
your needs change. They also integrate
\seamlessly so if your installation requires
batteries or power management, Merlin
has the solution.


Economics. The high efficiency
of SOFCs reduce fuel costs. With almost no moving parts, they reduce maintenance costs. They even address fuel theft by operating on diluted fuel-water mixtures that are useless for powering traditional engines and generators. Fuel cells qualify for many State and Federal incentives such as tax credits.