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You Never Stop, Neither Do We

Emergency-response teams are our lifeline to safety and security. We need first responders when we are injured and require medical attention, when our homes are compromised by fire, and when there is a need to restore order in the streets.

First responders rely on their expertise and their life-saving equipment. That’s where Merlin’s power management comes in:


• On an ambulance, paramedics need heart monitors and defibrillators.
• Engine lights illuminate the scene of the fire for firefighters.
• Officers coordinate with GPS and radio communications.
• With the increasing selection of electronic equipment available for the first responders’ toolkit, power management is essential for vehicles.

Merlin maximizes the capability of on-board electrical equipment by optimizing your vehicle’s electrical system. For FEMA, police, surveillance, ambulance, and fire, we ensure your equipment powers up, even after a long surveillance period, or when computers connect to time-sensitive data the moment they need it. Engine lights illuminate the scene of the fire for firefighters.

Battery Monitoring & Management


Merlin arms first responders with the information
they need to make intelligent power decisions.


Know how much energy is left in your


Prioritize equipment use, know when to
restart your vehicle, and eliminate
unnecessary idling of the vehicle.


Use our monitors to communicate with
split charging systems to transfer power at
the right time from the engine to batteries,
and from batteries to equipment.


Provide smart shut-downs starting with
non-essential systems when batteries fall
below an optimal level.

Flat Battery Protection


Merlin’s flat battery protection systems will stop discharging
batteries before internal battery damage occurs.

When batteries continue to provide power in an
over-discharged state, the result is poor future
performance. Merlin’s protection system prevents not only
dead batteries, but also the over-discharge that deteriorates
battery performance.


Flat battery protection is critical for
paramedics rushing into the ER as the
ambulance is left unattended with
equipment draining the battery.


For officers chasing a fleeing suspect as
their cruiser is abandoned with lights


For the covert surveillance team operating
with the engine off.


For firefighters who will drain their batteries
as the engine idles at the scene.

Intelligent Split Charging


Merlin’s intelligent split charging optimizes the flow of power in
your electrical system.

Engine electricity is efficiently directed to the batteries that
need it most. Not only can starter batteries be prioritized to
charge before auxiliaries, but battery banks can also share
power between them – to jumpstart the vehicle from the
auxiliary bank.

With intelligent split charging, your equipment draws power from the most appropriate source to maximize your vehicle’s electronics and, by extension, the vehicles of the first responder.

Intelligent Split Charging addresses even the most power-constrained scenarios:


For motorcycles, where size and weight
constraints limit the amount of on-board
batteries and power generation.


For drug refrigeration or blood warmers on
ambulances that stand for long periods of
time but cannot idle.


For surveillance operations, where
surveillance equipment must operate in an
engine-off environment.