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Police rely on their vehicle equipment for surveillance, communications, and projection of force that can be life-saving. Lights, sirens, radios, GPS, radar, computers, and even listening devices and video become active extensions of an officer’s eyes, ears, hands, and voice.

Power management is a critical component of officer capability. When police cars and vans operate in stealth mode, they require silent battery power for their equipment. Police motorcycles are constrained by size and weight limitations for batteries. Merlin is particularly well suited to these challenging electrical environments.


Consider Merlin’s many product solutions:

DEPENDABILITY:Overcharging and excessively discharging batteries cause internal damage and affect future performance. Merlin maintains batteries in their peak operating range, which extends battery life and reduces the likelihood of dead batteries.

CONFIDENCE:With always-accurate battery monitoring, officers will not question the state of their batteries. Display battery State of Charge levels, sound alarms for low batteries, or integrate with intelligent split charging. Eliminate unnecessary idling and have confidence that your vehicle will start.

SAFETY: Automatically shed loads to reserve battery capacity for engine starting and communications. Officers can maintain control with manual override switches for battery isolation, switching, and paralleling.

SAVINGS: Proper battery management results in lower maintenance costs due to enhanced reliability. Extended battery life reduces replacement costs. Intelligent split charging increases the efficiency of your electrical system, which ultimately saves on fuel.


Merlin lets officers focus on their jobs – to serve and protect. Consider these solutions:


SmartGuard Combi: Integrated dead-
battery protection, intelligent split
charging, and battery switching, isolation
and paralleling for two battery banks.
Optional plug’n'play SmartGauge battery


Powerbank. Integrated dead-battery
protection, intelligent split charging, and
battery switching, isolation and paralleling
for up to four battery banks. Datacell battery
monitoring can be integrated into unit or
plug’n'play compatible.


Stand-alone Dead Battery Protection.
PowerGuard Lite for a single battery bank.
PowerGuard Pro for up to two battery banks
with battery switching and isolation.


Stand-alone Battery Monitoring:
SmartGauge for monitoring starting
battery and one auxiliary bank. Datacell for
up to four battery banks.


Stand-alone Split Charging:Includes
battery paralleling and power sharing.
SmartBank Lite for 2+1 battery banks.
SmartBank Pro for up to three banks includes
high-voltage disconnect.


And just about any conceivable
combination of the above.

Call Merlin to serve and protect your Police Department.