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Portable Power Systems Ready In An Instant

When a disaster strikes, there’s no time to waste. Emergency vehicles, lights and equipment need to operate. Cell tower sites, call centers, hospitals, ambulances, and businesses with complex technical systems need communication to the outside world.

Some of the world’s most devastating natural disasters – the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami, Hurricane Katrina (2005), the 2010 Haitian earthquake, 20111 Fukushima earthquake and tsunami, and Hurricane Sandy (2012) – have proved that disaster recovery groups must first address the need for adequate fuel, electricity, and communications in order to function.

Without these elements, disaster recovery fails.


Successful first responders require temporary mobile power deployment before permanent
infrastructure can be put in place. In some instances, these emergency power systems must work
for extended periods of time.

Merlin’s Solar And Fuel Cell Technology

Modular And Scalable To Meet Emergency Power Requirements

Merlin’s mobile, scalable solutions provide safe, reliable micro-grid power to sustain first responders and their equipment in every disaster recovery setting.

Merlin’s Disaster Recovery Solutions Feature:


Python Fuel cell generators powered by a
variety of fossil fuels for clean, renewable
energy that’s 300% more efficient than
conventional generators.


Improved power generation. Fuel cells
combine fuel and oxygen in an
electrochemical reaction that generates only
electricity, water vapor, and carbon dioxide.
Fuel cell power eliminates the NOx and
SOx pollutants of conventional generators.


Tracking solar arrays that are compact,
scalable and cost-effective.  Merlin’s
Voodoo solar tracking arrays allow 100%
utilization of the Rated Capacity of solar
photovoltaic (PV) panels (fixed arrays can
be 40% less efficient).  Multiple 600 Watt
(DC) units can be networked together for
larger power requirements.  Compact
carrying size is ideal for transport and use
in mobile emergency missions such as
medical clinics.


Precision battery State of Charge (SoC)
and State of Health (SoH) monitoring.

Merlin’s accuracy is less than 2% versus
the U.S.government standard of 5%. Unlike
other monitoring solutions, Merlin provides
SoH in addition to SoC, enabling disaster workers
to monitor and change out batteries in a
timely fashion before they fail.


Split charging that directs power to the
battery bank that needs it most. With
Some batteries recharge as others take
on the load.


Flat battery protection. Protect batteries
from harmful over-discharging that
degrades battery performance and
shortens battery life.


Powering Disaster Recovery Systems

Merlin partners with emergency responders to deliver power management in any natural disaster or emergency. We work closely with you to plan for the unexpected.