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Firehouse battery charging is a common culprit for poor battery performance aboard firehouse vehicles. While plugged in at the station, battery chargers tend to overcharge batteries (even when chargers claim otherwise). The result of overcharging is early battery replacement, batteries that discharge too quickly, and increased risk of dead batteries.


Merlin is adapting its power-management solutions for the US military to the frontlines at home:

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER: For less than the cost of a battery, Merlin’s battery monitoring provides always accurate State of Charge; trigger audio or visual alarms to know when in-station battery chargers should initiate or terminate; or integrate with auto-eject plugs to automate the process.

LIGHT MY FIRE: Emergency and flood lighting can drain batteries even if the engine is running. Permanent battery damage has already occurred by the time lighting dims. Merlin’s dead-battery protection provides timely warnings to address power problems.

RELIABILITY: Properly charging batteries keeps them healthier longer. Merlin’s intelligent Split Charging optimizes the power balance across vehicle electrical systems. Power is directed where it is needed most, avoiding damaging overcharging and excessive discharging.

MODULAR, SCALABLE, INTEGRATED: Merlin’s solutions are available as individual, modular components, and integrated multi-component units; can address any number of battery banks.


Merlin lets firefighters focus on their jobs – saving lives and property. Consider
these solutions:


SmartGuard Combi: Integrated dead
battery protection, intelligent split
charging, and battery switching, isolation
and paralleling for two battery banks.
Optional plug’n'play SmartGauge battery


Powerbank: Integrated dead-battery
protection, intelligent split charging, and
battery switching, isolation and paralleling
for up to four battery banks. Plug’n'play
compatible with Datacell battery
monitoring via MerlinNet.


Stand-alone Dead Battery Protection:
PowerGuard Lite for a single battery bank.
PowerGuard Pro for up to two battery banks
with battery switching and isolation.


Stand-alone Battery Monitoring:
SmartGauge for monitoring starting
battery and one auxiliary bank. Datacell for
up to four battery banks.


Stand-alone Split Charging:Includes
battery paralleling and power sharing.
SmartBank Lite for 2+1 battery banks.
SmartBank Pro for up to three banks includes
high-voltage disconnect.


And just about any conceivable
combination of the above.

Call Merlin to provide your Battalion the support it deserves.