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Yachts are for the uncompromising, and accommodating uncompromising
standards requires plenty of power.

Brute force has been the approach to power at sea. For more power, install larger generators and larger battery banks until you run out of space. If you still lack enough power, don’t abuse your batteries and replace them frequently. The myriad of electrical amenities have outpaced this inefficient approach.

Merlin can bring your electrical system up to luxury standards. Add intelligent power management to on board power generation and storage to maximize generation efficiency, battery performance, and battery life.


ENTERTAINING: Treat your guests well with amenities for dining (microwaves, refrigeration), entertainment (AC power for televisions, stereos, and recharging computers), and sport fishing (operate sonar, radar, GPS).

SILENCE IS GOLDEN: Merlin distributes generator power efficiently, minimizing noisy generator run time and maximizing operating time on silent battery power.

CRUISING: While you are enjoying the great outdoors, your crew may long for the comforts of home! Access to amenities such as microwaves, refrigeration, stereo, televisions, and personal computers requires intelligent power management.

SAFETY: Ensure you have power for the unexpected with reserve battery capacity for emergency engine starting and communications.

Merlin’s solutions provide:


Modular, Scalable, Integrated Products:
PowerBank and MerlinNet products
accommodate any number of display/
control panels. Choose control panel,
functionality from battery switching,
isolation, paralleling, or monitoring tailored
to the helm, engine room, galley, or any
other location.


Efficient-Energy Use: Merlin’s intelligent
split charging systems balance power
across your electrical system. Merlin
SmartBank products efficiently pair power
generation, battery storage, and power
consumption. Purchase in isolation or
integrated with dead battery protection
and battery monitoring.


Extended Battery Life:Over-charging and
over-discharging batteries will
shorten their lifetime. Battery monitoring
imparts the knowledge that crews need to
make informed power-use decisions.
Merlin’s battery monitors are accurate
enough (no resetting or synchronization
required) to automate generator charging.


Improved Battery Performance:When a
battery is discharged past half its capacity,
it will continue to provide power at the
expense of future battery performance. By
avoiding excessive discharges, Merlin
increases the consistency and reliability of
your battery banks.