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The biggest threat to military missions today isn’t just the enemy,
it’s power drain.

As fuel is essential to an engine, power is critical to military vehicle
systems. The array of tactical systems installed on both new and
legacy military vehicle platforms today has expanded rapidly. But as
this trend accelerates, many vehicles are ill equipped to cope with
additional power burden.

In fact, if generation, storage, and delivery of electrical energy aren’t carefully managed, an onboard tactical network consisting of GVAs,
ECM, weapons, and communications simply won’t work.

Merlin provides a robust power system solution, an electrical
foundation on which complex tactical architectures can be built.
Merlin’s power monitoring and management tools drive today’s
most advanced military vehicles and networks.


Battery Monitoring And Management

Avoid Dead Batteries In The Field


Accurate knowledge of battery State of Charge (SoC) and State of Health (SoH) are keys to automating power management systems. Merlin is the only company to have its battery monitors independently verified by one of the world’s largest combat vehicle battery manufacturer.

Merlin’s custom solutions provide battery conservation, vehicle reliability, and mission-critical performance under the most dangerous conditions. We manage power on the most specialized military vehicles in the world, including tanks and fighting vehicles.

Our product suites range from dead battery protection systems for small vehicles or vessels to sophisticated controllers that monitor and manage multiple battery banks, including Armasafe batteries, the most widely used combat vehicle battery with more than 2 million in service.

Merlin Systems Protect Military Vehicle & Equipment Power At Four Different Levels:

Merlin offers a total system of systems solution. Merlin’s monitoring, power management, generation, and storage solutions are integrated with MerlinNet. MerlinNet is a proprietary high-speed data bus that allows in-field plug and play replacement of components without any user intervention.


Our DataCell II battery monitor provides accurate State of Charge (SoC), State of Health (SoH), and Time Remaining on up to four independent battery banks, preventing potentially hazardous battery failure scenarios. Keeps tabs on vehicle power systems with a Windows PC display or remote panel. At low State of Charge (SoC), DataCell II automatically sheds load or commands the Merlin Python fuel cell to begin charging. One of the world’s largest industrial battery manufacturers tested DataCell II, finding that SoH and SoC exceed 98% accuracy.


During charge and discharge, Merlin’s VBMS (Vehicle Battery Management System) continuously manages and prioritizes which batteries receive and provide energy (based on DataCell II readings), ensuring power availability when and where needed.


The Python fuel cell generator automatically activates and begins to silently charge batteries – even during silent watch. When DataCell II senses the batteries are charged, it shuts Python down, preventing excessive fuel use and extending battery life. Merlin’s Voodoo Solar Tracking array efficiently recharges your vehicle batteries with no-fuel solar energy.


Merlin’s VBMS keeps batteries healthy, reducing costly failures and avoiding unexpected critical power loss. Accurate State of Health knowledge eliminates early change out of healthy batteries. Accurate State of Charge gives troops the confidence in their power supply that they need when entering into theatre.

Modular and Scalable to Meet Mission Requirements


Merlin is your power-management partner. We realize every military vehicle and deployment is different, so Merlin’s engineering department works closely with you to understand and measure each system specification, including your load requirements, current systems usage, and deployment environment.

Our military power solutions feature:


Accurate State of Charge (SoC)
and State of Health(SoH).

Merlin’s measurement accuracy
has been independently tested and
verified at better than 2% accuracy
vs. the U.S. government standard of
5%. Instills confidence in power supply,
prevents early battery replacement,
and enables predictive maintenance.


COTS, GOTS, Non-developmental. Merlin’s
technology is available today without
incurring development costs.


Intelligent Split Charging. Directs
power from the alternator (or any
other charge source) to the battery
bank that needs it most.


Increased Silent Watch. Merlin’s
Python fuel cell generates power
near silently at less than 45 dB at
1 foot. With the Python and Merlin
power management, silent watch can
be increased by a factor of 6.


Flexible displays. Windows software display or display panels available. CAN, Ethernet, and Serial compatible.


Reduction in SWAP. Python fuel cell generation is 4 times as efficient as a diesel generator.


The Military Trusts Merlin with Power Management

US military agencies entrust Merlin Power Systems with their most valuable assets – the lives of their service people and those they protect.