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Remote Oil And Gas Field Solutions

Despite being flush with energy stored in the form of on-site fuel, stranded fields lack the ability consume that energy in the form of electrical power. Merlin’s fuel cell generators make previously stranded oil and gas fields economically viable once again.

For off-grid fields, Merlin provides a cost-effective power generation alternative to extending the grid or maintaining diesel generators. Generating power from existing wellhead gas eliminates the need to flare and powers on site equipment such as the wellhead pump. It also eliminates fuel and fuel delivery costs and greatly reduces maintenance costs because Merlin’s fuel cell generators contain almost no moving parts.

For grid-connected fields with no Midstream infrastructure, stranded oil and gas can be converted to electricity and sold to the grid.


Our Oil And Gas Field Solutions Feature:


Solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs) that allow you to use a variety of commonly available fossil fuels – diesel, natural gas, jet fuel, propane, and other common fuels — for clean, energy- efficient operation. Additionally, SOFCs save fuel costs. For example, SOFCs will consume a fraction of the fuel per kW generated than diesel generators.


Quiet power production. Our SOFCs run silently. There is also no need to intervene manually or worry about how many times it powers up and down.


Improved power generation with fewer pollutants. Fuel cells don’t use combustion, instead combining fuel and oxygen in an electrochemical reaction to generate electricity. Their emissions are water vapor and carbon dioxide, eliminating the NOx and SOx pollutants of generators. Fuel cells are also excellent for use as backup or standby applications.


Work in tandem with batteries at the field site for efficient power management. These solutions not only can increase your profitability but also prolong the economic life of the well.


On/off switching states. Unlike traditional fuel cells, which generally operate in a constant “on” state, Merlin’s SOFC’s can be turned on and off automatically an unlimited number of times without damage, saving power, fuel, and money. The fuel cell generator produces power quietly and uses very little fuel. No need to intervene manually or worry about how many times it powers up and down.


Economical options to increase profits. If your power systems are connected to a grid, you can sell back any excess electricity generated by Merlin’s SOFCs. That’s a win-win proposition both for you and the electric utility.


Customizing Your Power Generation

Merlin understands the oil and gas industry. Working as your energy management
partner, we deliver cleaner, more cost-effective field electricity.